Absolutely. I never ask for a deposit before we know if we are a good fit. I pride myself on accessibility and it’s important that we establish trust before booking your project. My role is to make things easier for you, not more stressful. You should never have to feel uneasy about signing a contract with me or anyone for that matter. 

I NOTICED YOU INCLude a Brand Board in your packages. What is this and why do I need it?

When designing a logo and visual identity, maintaining the integrity of your new brand is imperative to being successful in your marketing efforts. A brand board defines do’s and don'ts for your brand, providing an incredible resource to other designers, graphic professionals, and/or your marketing team. It serves as a reminder to you, the business owner, the importance of maintaining a consistent brand image for your company through careful use of your logo, logo alternates, sub-marks, typefaces, colors, patterns, textures and even placement of elements on a page. It also demonstrates a level of professionalism within your company that marketing and brand image is an important asset you maintain and protect. 

What if I need more than 3 revisions on my project?

With my established process of the detailed steps taken with my clients before the project begins, I have yet to need more than 3 revisions to bring a project to perfection. In the event that you do need more than 3 revisions, you may request more at my hourly rate of $75/hr. 

How do you manage your projects and keep things organized?

Each and every client receives their own password protected project page on my website. I use your personal page as a "Home Base" for your project(s). All the drafts, revisions, and final files are uploaded to your personal page for you to reference and download. 

Additionally this page:

  • keeps you up to date on what phase of the project we are in and on what stage I am currently working.
  • lists anything that I am waiting on from you to complete a task or tasks. 
  • displays project history and timelines.
  • contains links to signed contracts.
  • provides payment links and downloadable receipts.

What kind of printer support is provided in your packages?

I believe a designer’s role doesn’t stop at final file delivery. Along with your print ready files I always provide my clients with:

  • a list of my recommended printers I trust specifically for your project & budget.
  • a Printer Specification Template you can copy paste and send to each printer for accurate and comparable price quotes. 
  • recommended paper types specific to your project.
  • suggestions on how we can adjust a design to be more print budget friendly if need be. 

Most importantly, no matter who you chose to be your printer, I provide myself as a direct contact for your printer regarding you project, thus removing you as a confused middleman. For more information on the printing process, see my blog post on Navigating the Printing Process.

What are your billing and invoicing methods?

I graciously accept all major credit cards or written checks made out to Creative Allure Design. Most branding-only project payments are due in two parts. The first half payment is due upon booking to hold your spot in the queue.  The second half of the project payment is delivered at project completion, before any final logo/branding files are delivered. I offer extended payment plans for full branding projects (brand + print + website) with 3 total milestone payments due across the span of our project together to make the investment work for your business.  All milestone payment timelines/due dates will be detailed in your proposal.

Do you have office hours?

Yes.  In an effort to respect your time as well as my family’s time, I have established working office hours. I schedule phone calls Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm MST and emails are accepted anytime. I do prefer to schedule all calls in advance so that I may plan to be available, focused on you, and allot the proper amount of time for our conversation.


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